Our company started in 1999 with the founding of Dawson Shipping Co. Ltd - a shipping company registered in Malta. The company began operations with the management of two vessels of "river-sea" type Volga-Don, which were acquired in the same year the ship owning company listed on the Malta. The main activities of the company was to transport bulk agricultural commodities with the inland waterways of Russia to the ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

      Since 2001 the company continued to develop and present the group owns and operates two vessels of "river-sea" type of Omsk and two modern vessels of the coaster, and a river boat. Office of the Courts is currently the company Dawson Group Limited.

      All commercial work, as well as work on the operating, procurement and technical management of the fleet carried out by specialists of Dawson Group Limited. The company's staff has long experience in this field.

      All vessels operating in the region, the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and the vessels of "river-sea" can work on the GDP of Russia and the Caspian Sea basin. Court's exercise of the carriage of bulk cargoes such as grain weights and crops, coal, fertilizers, etc., as well as general cargo, such as steel, cargo packaging, etc.